Signs That Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Needs Professional Help

Under three in every 1,000 Americans struggle with carpal tunnel syndrome, making it a common issue. But how do you know if you can manage carpal tunnel syndrome with home remedies or if you need more serious intervention?

Read on to learn about the signs you need professional intervention for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Watch Out for Hand and Wrist Problems

If you’re having difficulty getting things done in your everyday life while using your hands and wrists, that’s almost certainly a sign you need more significant intervention.

When you’ve lost a great deal of mobility, it’s often a sign that you need carpal tunnel surgery. If you’re discussing your problem with your primary care physician, they may refer you to an orthopedic surgeon to discuss your options.

While surgery is by no means easy, it can improve your quality of life much more quickly than other methods. Your orthopedic surgeon will sit down with you and help you decide what’s right for you based on your lifestyle, family history, medical history, and other relevant factors.

Of course, there are many reasons you might be reticent. Whether in an office job or a trades field, you need to use your hands and wrists. And, you might not have the vacation days to stay off work after surgery. If it’s impossible, a specialist can work with you to devise other treatments to alleviate your condition.

Are You Struggling With Pain?

No one wants to be living with pain, especially while using such vital joints. If your pain threshold is constantly off the charts, you need to sit down with a medical professional ASAP. That’s especially true if you’re having trouble navigating your everyday life due to pain.

carpal tunnel treatment

Are You Experiencing Loss of Feeling in Affected Areas?

Just because you’re not feeling pain doesn’t mean everything is hunky-dory. Many people with carpal tunnel report issues like tingling and numbness in joints affected by carpal tunnel syndrome.

And if you don’t get these symptoms (and their underlying cause) treated, you can end up struggling with ongoing problems that could even be permanent.

How Weak Do Your Extremities Feel?

Another symptom you need to be careful about is weakness. For example, you may constantly drop things as you pick them up. Or, you may have trouble picking items up in the first place, even when you’re just trying to pick up a pencil with your fingers.

If you don’t want to be dealing with rehabilitation for this issue for the rest of your life, you’ll want to ask your doctor about it.

Start Treating Your Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Today

If you’re suffering from any of these symptoms, there’s no time to waste when it comes to treating your carpal tunnel syndrome.

Do you think you might need surgical intervention for your carpal tunnel syndrome? Then, make an appointment with Idaho Shoulder to Hand today.