When Should I Contact an Orthopedic Surgeon about my Shoulder?

Many people that struggle with shoulder pain have the same question….when should I contact a surgeon? There are a couple steps to take before reaching out to your local Boise shoulder surgeon for a consultation. Here are a couple of the more important steps.

Discuss your pain with your primary care provider

The first step to any long-term solution to your shoulder pain is to discuss it with your primary care provider (PCP). They are the first step in nearly all your healthcare needs and that includes potential surgical procedures. They will examine your shoulder, order any required imaging from x-rays to MRIs and make the necessary referrals and recommendations. You may think your shoulder needs surgery, but they will tell you if there is in fact something else going on…. something that may not need that level of intervention just yet.

Give physical therapy a chance

Generally, the first step after seeing your primary care provider is to give a physical therapist a chance to improve your situation. Your PCP will likely want you to spend some quality time with a physical therapist in hopes that their work with help alleviate the pain you are experiencing.

While our pain may be so severe that we are convinced that only surgery will help, often a physical therapist can help isolate the shoulder problem and greatly reduce the pain by strengthening the supporting muscles and teaching your body how to “move correctly” once again. Physical therapists help patients restore mobility and manage their pain.

Call Idaho Shoulder to Hand when it is time!

After you have met with your PCP and given physical therapy time to work its magic and you still have not experienced any improvement, then it is time to contact an orthopedic surgeon in Boise to discuss potential next steps.

The surgeon will review your records and give you a physical examination as well. It is important the patient is open and honest about the pain they’re feeling to give the surgeon the best chance of resolving your issues.

It is a big step to undergo surgery so be sure to consult with an experienced surgeon that has performed the proposed surgery many times in the past with success. Idaho Shoulder to Hand is ready to help you get back to normal! Call us today at 208-506-3665.