What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

Every year, there are about 7 million orthopedic surgeries in the US. General health practitioners recommend the procedure when they observe a skeletal condition.

Some children are born with musculoskeletal issues. These issues could also arise from an injury.

If your doctor has recommended orthopedic surgery, you are not alone. The word can be terrifying to some patients. Yet, there is nothing to fear since the rectifying procedure is highly effective.

So, what is orthopedic surgery? Join us as we discuss its definition and everything you need to know in this orthopedic surgery guide.

What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic surgery in BoiseOrthopedic surgery is a rectifying procedure performed by a qualified surgeon. The main aim of the surgery is to treat issues with the musculoskeletal system. This means anything affecting your bones and tissues like ligaments and tendons.

Surgeons use the procedure to treat the nervous system connected to the skeleton. They carry out tests such as MRI x-rays to diagnose injuries. The physical examination informs the medics on what type of surgery the patient will need.

After the main operation, doctors recommend that the patients undergo physiotherapy. Regular movement of the affected parts helps the muscles to regain strength much quicker.

These surgeries are common since the skeletal system is in almost every part of the human body.

Orthopedic Surgery Patients

Various people need to undergo orthopedic surgery depending on their musculoskeletal issues. It can treat young children born with deformities like clubbed foot or scoliosis.

The orthopedists can also perform the surgeries on any age group down to seniors with limited mobility.

Orthopedic Surgery Types

When looking for orthopedic surgery near me, be keen on their services. They should be able to perform the specific procedure you need.

Below are some of the orthopedic surgery types you should know to understand what operation you need.

Corrective Surgery

This procedure is more common among babies because of their fragile bones. Surgeons use it to align any deformities before they can become permanent features.

Tissue Repair

Surgeons use grafts from other body parts to repair tendons and ligaments in the affected area. It’s a cost-efficient method.


An operation that uses prosthetic material to replace hips, knees, and other whole joints. It’s more common among arthritis patients.


This small joint surgery uses thin tubes and optic probes to repair ligaments and tendons. It’s common among athletes.

Arthroscopic Surgery

Bone Fracture Repair

This procedure focus on the treatment of broken bones. Surgeons put back the bones together with the help of screws.

Orthopedic Surgery Tips for Recovery

The period after the surgery is sensitive to the healing process. Take as much time as your body needs to recover.

Usually, the patient takes weeks for the bones to regain full strength. To protect the affected area, doctors cover it with plaster casting. Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are important tools in the healing journey.

Orthopedic Surgery Guide

We hope that the above guide has answered your question about what is orthopedic surgery? Competent surgeons can handle all procedures with much care. The blood tests and MRI scans are critical in avoiding dire mistakes in surgery.

It’s wise to discuss your procedure of interest with a reliable surgeon. For professional help on orthopedic surgery, feel free to make an appointment.