According to the National Library of Medicine, trends of wrist injuries presented to the US emergency departments have skyrocketed over the last ten years. Nearly 700,000 patients were identified with severe wrist injuries, and the overall patient admission rate continues to grow by 1.8%.

This is why finding the best wrist surgeons in Boise is essential to avoid permanent loss of function. You can prevent severe and invasive treatments if your wrist conditions worsen by booking an appointment early.

1. Wrist Pain at Night

One of the top signs that you need to see wrist surgeons in Boise is a searing pain that prevents you from sleeping at night. If your hands hurt enough to keep you counting sheep for hours, you may be at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

This is because most of us curl our wrists when we sleep. This can put a lot of pressure on your wrist’s median nerve. If this condition worsens, it can be very dangerous, especially if you drive at night or hold objects.

2. Restricted Motion

If you usually have flexible fingers that can play guitar like a pro, it would be worrying to experience limited motion suddenly. You may have tendonitis if you cannot move your fingers as freely as before.

It is necessary to contact a hand specialist, especially if you hear a clicking or popping sensation while moving your fingers. Some people may also have pain while straightening their fingers, a condition known as trigger finger.

This happens when the flexor tendons in our hands get inflamed. Then, they can not glide through tiny pulleys and tunnels in our fingers, thus causing restrictive motion and pain.

3. Fingers Becoming White

You may struggle with Raynaud’s Phenomenon if your fingers ever turn white in cold places. This is a condition where the blood vessels in our toes and fingers go into shock.

Although this is temporary, and you can get your fingers back to normal by warming them up, many patients experience severe flare-ups. These can also turn people’s fingers numb and blue, which can be pretty painful.

4. Calcium Deposits

Are there small and hard lumps forming under the skin of your fingertips? This is known as calcinosis in its extreme form. The white deposits you see under your skin can pop up in clusters.

These are calcium deposits that can also indicate that a patient has scleroderma. Scleroderma is an aggressive autoimmune rheumatic disease that affects the connective tissues in our bodies.

Although steroids and immunosuppressants can help with symptoms, it is wise to contact a hand specialist to identify the calcium deposits before treatment.

5. Constantly Dropping Objects

If you are not clumsy, it should be concerning if you constantly drop objects. It is even more worrying if you cannot explain what made you drop the item unexpectedly.

Many patients start dropping small things like mugs or plates out of their hands. This can happen without warning, catching most patients by surprise.

Contact Wrist Surgeons in Boise Today

Now that you know the top benefits of contacting wrist surgeons in Boise, it is time to tackle the wrist pain that has negatively impacted your way of life. Remember that your wrist is an extraordinarily complex part of your body.

It contains numerous blood vessels, bones, nerve systems, and connective tissues. So, when there is a wrist problem, it is always best to contact professionals for support.