Every year, roughly 15 million Americans undergo surgery for various health issues. A common body part people need surgery on is their hands.

Getting hand surgery presents a unique challenge as we constantly use our hands throughout the day. If you get hand surgery, you’ll want to make sure that you can make a full recovery so you can get back to using your hand as quickly as possible.

Having a successful recovery is an important part of a positive post-operative outcome. Here are five essential tips to avoid complications after hand surgery and resume your daily life.

Tip One: Follow Your Surgeon’s Instructions

One of the easiest ways to avoid post-surgery issues is to follow your surgeon’s post-operative instructions. Immediately after your surgery, adhere to your surgeon’s guidelines for how long to rest your hand, what medications to take, and how to keep the surgical area clean.

Tip Two: Rest Up

Although your hand is not a huge part of your body, it plays a role in many of your everyday activities. You need to do everything you can to heal it, which is why resting is commonly recommended in post-surgery care instructions.

Follow your surgeon’s instructions for how long you need to rest post-surgery. Once your rest period is over, gradually return to your daily tasks.

Tip Three: Don’t Ignore Pain

Most surgeries come with some amount of pain following the procedure. The intensity of your pain will vary based on the type of surgery you had.

Your doctor will detail exactly what you should take for pain management, whether over-the-counter painkillers or prescription medication. Don’t stop taking your pain medication too early, or you could end up in unnecessary pain.

Tip Four: Ask for Help

One of the best ways to ensure a smooth recovery after hand surgery is to know when you need a helping hand. With one hand in recovery, make sure you have someone to help you with daily tasks as you heal.

If you live alone, consider having a friend or family member stay with you following your surgery. You will be happy to have a support system to lean on as you allow your hand to heal.

Tip Five: Avoid Over Exerting Yourself

Once you start to feel better, you may be tempted to use your hand more. Follow your surgeon’s instructions for any rehabilitation you may need. Don’t do more than your doctor or rehabilitation therapist tells you, or you could do more harm than good to your recovery.

Avoid Complications After Hand Surgery With These Tips

Having surgery on your hand can be challenging because of how much you use this limb. Following these hand surgery recovery tips will help you heal as quickly as possible and get back to your daily activities. Committing to your recovery can mean fewer complications after hand surgery and, eventually, a better quality of life.

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