Have you suffered from any shoulder pain in recent months? Do you feel like you have limited mobility in your arms or have trouble falling asleep at night due to the pain? Chances are good that you’re in need of a shoulder replacement procedure.

You may need a new shoulder if you have chronic pain and have tried non-surgical treatments to no success. Instead of trying to manage the pain with medications, you can opt for a surgical procedure to correct your condition. Waiting it out will only make it get worse.

Here are three risks of delaying shoulder replacement surgery you may face.

1. Deterioration of the Shoulder Joint

A shoulder replacement is often done due to conditions that can damage the joint. This includes osteoarthritis, rotator cuff injuries, and osteonecrosis. As such, failure to address these issues can lead to the deterioration of your shoulder joint.

This deterioration will lead to further wear and tear of the joint. Not only will this impair how it functions, but it can also deform the shoulder.

If the joint deforms too much, you will need to purchase a specialized implant. Additionally, the surgery will take more time and potentially cause a longer recovery period.

2. Shoulder Stiffness

While you may have some anxiety about your upcoming procedure, it’s not worth holding it off.

Delaying your surgery will only cause your shoulder to become stiffer over time. Since you’ll be suffering from more pain, it only makes sense that you’ll move your arm less. This lessened movement directly translates to limited mobility.

Your shoulder muscle and ligaments may contract, reducing your mobility. It’s important that your shoulder retains some level of motion, as this will help with your recovery when you finally get the procedure done.

A side effect of delayed surgery is that you’ll likely rely on other parts of your body to compensate for your limited mobility. It’s not uncommon for a person to develop something like back pain as a result.

3. General Health Problems

One of the biggest problems with avoiding shoulder surgery is that it can negatively impact every aspect of your life. Your disability level will only get worse with time as the pain increases and shoulder mobility decreases.

You may limit what kind of physical activities you participate in, which means you’ll run the risk of developing unhealthy habits. On top of that, the lack of use in your shoulder joint will result in muscle atrophy. Atrophied muscle will make healing after surgery more complicated and a lengthier process.

Avoid These Risks of Delaying Shoulder Replacement Surgery

The risks of delaying shoulder replacement surgery simply aren’t worth it. Even if you’re afraid of the procedure or don’t think you can afford it, you’ll only make things worse for yourself. You may end up with a longer recovery period or make the procedure more expensive to do.

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